Pokhara Mountain Bike


In India & Nepal we took a break from the cycle touring life in order to rest Alice’s back and have a change of scene for a while.

While Alice went back to Rishikesh in Northern India to complete a yoga teacher training course, Pete found work in Pokhara, Nepal helping out at ‘Pokhara Mountain Bike’ (www.nepalmountainbike.com) a locally run business providing guided tours & mountain bike hire for tourists along with support for a growing number of local Nepali Mountain Bikers.

Pete used his background of working in the cycle industry in the UK and Europe to offer advise on developing the business, updating their new website, making some promotional videos and implementing some grass roots training programs for the next generation of Nepali Mountain Bikers.

A wonderful experience & his first ‘real’ work for over a year, he got to ride almost all of the trails in the Pokhara valley on their ‘Commencal’ bikes (a little more advanced that our touring bikes!) and work with the great group of local guides, all has crazy about bikes and trails as he is!

Thanks to Jagan, Sergio, Dhan, Laxman, Laxuman, Shuman & Santaram for being so welcoming!

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