Our 2013

Our 2013…

It started on a beach in Greece, our tent, a campfire and the stars. From there we travelled east, and excessive chai drinking began, as did the meeting of even more inspirational and incredible people (and animals), we got caught in the ‘Georgian Beer Trap’, developed a love of plov (and mutton fat in general), negotiated with a variety of desert animals, experienced ‘tribe riding’, wallowed in historical marvel in the Uzbek cities of Khiva, Buckhara and Samarkhand, Rode the ‘Roof of the World’ the Pamir highway in Tajikistan (pausing for 18 days on the Afghan border with Alice’s back injury), bathed in mountain rivers, swam in alpine lakes, lived of buckwheat and carrots for a while, were shown unbelievable hospitality, realised fermented horse milk isn’t as bad as it sounds, lounged like the Raj on a house-boat in India, drank more chai, Alice hurt her back again, this time on the second highest motorable pass in the world, Pete worked for a month in Nepal and Alice qualified as a yoga teacher, we converted to a tandem- test riding it in Kathmandu and Bangkok…Had a family holiday in Thailand. And now, one year on we begin riding again from Bangkok. What adventures will 2014 bring?

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  1. Rob said:

    Pete, It was a pleasure meeting you in Pokhara. It is really quite an inspiration seeing your adventures. Reading this really makes me motivated to travel to more countries, and also explore the great outdoors of my home country in Canada. I wish you two the very best in your travels!

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