Indonesia – Java and Bali

When our ‘Pelni Voyage’ terminated in Surabaya we had 3 and a half days left to cycle 450kms through East Java & Bali- in order to meet Alice’s Mum in time (a little above our usual asian ‘tea-drinking’ pace). Most people told us to just fly, but we are so pleased we didn’t. Java was full of smiling, welcoming people, great food and interesting traffic. Bali amazed us and offered a wealth of temples, shrines and an unforgetable bright vivid green of paddy fields. We even managed to track down an old friend before meeting up with Al’s mum, then it was time to kick back and relax for two weeks. The riding was fantastic and varied, our family holiday a joy, and seeing old friends a tonic. This section was a truly wonderful end to our year in Asia.

1 comment
  1. Richard Lemmey said:

    Go on like this and YOU will be responsible for us selling our house!
    Well done you. Always good to read and in our grey Northern days the photoes are a tonic!
    Oh! The wanderlust!
    Love to both Richard

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