Australia – New South Wales

The Last Leg!

New South Wales was to be our last leg of riding in Australia and as such also the finale of our Grand Cycle Honeymoon!

The gorgeous winter sunshine smiled on us as we explored the jungles, meadows and beaches of this amazingly varied coastline.

As ever our plans stayed loose and, as it turned out, would change at the drop of a hat when we went to stay with old friends, Kate and Leif, in their wonderful ‘home-made home’ at the head of the stunning Tweed Valley. We were made to feel so welcome in this beautiful space these guys have literally carved out of the bush for their (growing) family that an invitation to stay longer just couldn’t be passed up (a pretty deep hole in Pete’s foot did contribute to this decision!)

After being truly inspired by this glimpse into another (more settled) life we pressed on, making up for lost time in a borrowed ‘Ute’ and finally pedalling the last few days into Sydney from where we’d fly to New Zealand and finally reach our destination…

Changing times are on the horizon 🙂

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  1. John. & Debbie said:

    Hi guys
    Great to catch up with your progress and pleased to see you made it safely to the east coast after having said farewell to you at Mt Isa.
    Deb self have been in Darwin since the beginning of May and head for Thailand ,Bali for a month.
    Then back to Darwin and on the road back to the east coast .Will spend 2&3 months and then store the van and head back to Christchurch for Christmas.
    When do you guys anticipate arriving in Christchurch ?
    Safe travels.

    John & Debbie Fowler

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