Living in Wellington

It was bound to happen at some point… We were going to stop still. But where?

Back in North India we’d bumped into Kiwi Pete riding his bike towards Leh. On hearing that we were heading to New Zealand he convinced us that Wellington was the place to be. Craft beer & Mountain Biking were his key arguments and we were sold…

The plan from the very beginning had been to try living in a city for a while and being winter in New Zealand it seemed like the best option if we were to find work (& we really needed to find work…). Wellington seems to get underrated as a capitol city but we’ve been more than pleasantly surprised by this ‘Cool Little Capitol’ nestled into the hills on the southern tip of North Island where it seems that you’re never more than about ten minutes from being out in the countryside.

Re-united with Kiwi Pete we were taken firmly under his wing, being warmly welcomed into his family home and enthusiastically shown all that Wellington has to offer. Pete & his mates are crazy about mountain biking and more than a little fond of sampling the products of New Zealand’s thriving craft beer scene. As such they’ve formed ‘Team RTD’ (or ‘Ride-to-Drink’… recently changed to ‘Ride-the-Dirt’ for diplomatic and marketing reasons…) complete with tour bus, a whole host of top end mountain bikes and a knowledge of Wellington’s extensive trail network that stretches back further back than any of them would care to remember. Our Pete, having had fat tyre withdrawals for long periods of the trip, found himself in Mountain Bike heaven.

Alice, however had more important matters to address. Her back problems, having never truly healed since the mountains in Tajikistan, had ultimately forced her to stop riding bikes. So, taking advantage of being in a city, she’s thrown herself into finding treatment and rehabilitation in a number of areas with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Pediatrists all scratching their heads to find the source of her problems. It turns out that there’s a lot of work to do but having also found a thriving yoga community in Wellington she’s well on her way and is taking her own geeky pleasure from thoroughly learning about every aspect and phase of the process.

We quickly found jobs, Alice picking up temping work in the city and Pete working a few days a week in the bike shop that is the heart of Team RTD, but we’ve have had other work on our minds too. With the experiences from the trip still fresh we’re keen to start using them as an inspiration to others. The first phase of this has been in creating a multi-media presentation that has already had a successful debut in the heart of the city. Although we’ve come to the end of one journey we’re now excited by the prospect of embarking on a new one with this project and we’re bursting with more ideas on this front.

So now we’ve found our own little place to live on the south coast of the city in the village-like suburb of Island Bay and are relishing the unfamiliar comforts of having a fixed home for a while. We’ve loved the adventure and challenges of settling down for a while and as usual it’s all the amazing people that we’ve met that have made the experience possible and worth while.

We’ve learned that life is in fact a continued adventure with no real beginnings or endings but rather a series of progressions that develop into and inform one another. We’re extraordinarily happy with all that we’ve achieved together over the past two years of traveling the globe and now we’re looking forward to what happens next.

So watch this space…


  1. PAULA MCNEIL said:

    WOW! Love your pics about Wellington and your kiwi home:) Some loving, a roof over your heads, some income and home-made cakes and bread – what more do you need in life? YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! Just a short email (I’m going to the pub soon!) to wish you well and hope you got the ecard? Loads of love and chat soon, Mummy Paula xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hamish said:

    Great photos and I love the ones of you both cycling through central asia. Wellington is a top spot…..I’m bias, I live here

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