Front Door Rides

Just because we’re no longer ‘on the road’ doesn’t mean that the two wheeled adventuring comes to an end. Quite the opposite in fact, by being in one place we now have the opportunity to explore an area in more depth, find out it’s secrets and extend our knowledge of an area beyond just a minutely thin line on the map.

While Alice’s back is not yet up to riding a bike, Pete takes up the reigns of continuing our two wheeled exploration of the world, starting with the world that’s closest to home. What lies just beyond our front doors is so often overlooked, taken for granted or underestimated by those in the grips of routine but for us the very novelty of having a door accentuates the wonders we find beyond it.

Fortunately in this place we don’t have too look to hard to see that wonder. Just around the corner from our sleepy suburb of Island Bay can be found a stunning array of raw nature, trails, wildlife and Kiwi heritage that it’s hard to believe lies just within a stones throw from the city centre; and despite being normality to our 200,000 neighbours they more than hold their own when compared to even the most exotic sections of our journey around the world.

So here’s some shots from a few rides within minutes of our newly acquired front door. What lies beyond yours?

  1. PAULA MCNEIL said:

    WOW – looks amazing!! Have I said that before? Your shots are fantastic, quite artistic and so worthy of a good book. You seem to be living A VERY GOOD LIFE and in such a beautiful place – pretty good Front Door Rides! As ever, take care – speak soon, loads of love, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Looks like NZ is the end of the road…saving the best till last of course!

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