This is Alice…

A Brief Biography

Alice loves being outside, eating, travelling and being a ‘bit nerdy’ (although she probably wouldn’t describe herself as such…).

She is happiest when all these events are combined, so this is why she agreed to cycle across the world with Pete (and because she could see absolutely no reason why not.)

Her travels have taken her from tramping in New Zealand, to climbing in Thailand. From eating jellyfish in Honk Kong to being ‘wanged by a thunderbolt of wisdom’ in Bhutan (this translates to being blessed by a Bhuddist monk in somewhat a similar fashion to being knighted- but with an auspicious wooden penis rather than a sword!). Treking in the Indian Himalayas was a highlight, as was spending time alone moped-ing and surfing around Indonesia. But nothing in her travels gave her as much culture shock as when she arrived in Western Australia, “The sky’s so big it breaks your soul“. (Regina Spektor). 

However, despite the recollections of surfing, moped-ing and eating strange foods, Alice is decidedly studious. She has a 1st class honours in Outdoor Studies, and an MSc in Psychology under her belt. She spent much of her spare time in Indonesia researching and applying for a teaching certificate, then, whilst in Western Australia she gained her CELTA qualification and proceeded to teach literacy and numeracy to groups of immigrants within rehabilitation groups. In Andalucia, Spain she taught English to all age groups, and briefly also to Monks in Bhutan. At some point she hopes to pursue a PhD investigating the health benefits of the outdoor environment in terms of both individuals and the effects on relationships…

For now though, she wants to document this trip through drawings, writing, photos and recounting stories of love.

Galeicia, Northern Spain

Yoga by the Ganges

Outdoor clothing photoshoot – Lake District -

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