This is Pete…

A Brief Biography

Pete’s life, for almost as long as he can remember has revolved around a passion for having adventures, riding his bike, seeing new places, meeting new people, challenging himself, eating good cheese or scheming to do any number of the above!

He grew up in somewhat ‘nomadic’ fashion and still hasn’t lived anywhere for longer than 3 years. As a result, changing environments and a tendency for ‘itchy feet’ have become an ingrained part of him.

Lowe Alpine photoshoot@Tony West

At 12 years old Pete presented his, understandably dubious, parents with a proposal for him and a friend to cycle to (and then circumnavigate) the Isle of White. Ever to their credit, Mum & Dad let him go and helped kindle a sense of adventure that has paved the way for ever more ambitious escapades….

From writing his dissertation whilst living in caves in the Atlas mountains to walking the length of the outer Hebrides, there’s always been something on the horizon

After finishing his degree Pete disappeared to the Indian subcontinent and travelled (by bus, train, boat, motorbike, bicycle and foot) from Sri Lanka to the Himalayas. This trip became pivotal in Pete’s current ventures as it was at this time he came to an important decision: having previously achieved a pass in the demanding selection courses, he decided not to take the offer of a place as an Officer in the Royal Marines. At this point he waved goodbye to an attractive career package but was filled instead with a burning desire to do something extraordinary and on his own terms.

In 2010 Pete’s dad sadly passed away. Always having been a huge inspiration and leaving an extraordinary example to aspire to, this one emotionally devastating event demonstrated more that any other that life is short and, in the words of Goethe, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.”

Since this point he has become involved in the cycle industry (both at Biketreks in the Lake District and as a guide at Joyriders-Spain) but has, in some form or another, been plotting this trip.


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