The Places In Between Presentation

About two years ago we got married in the UK then jumped on our bikes and started peddling them in the direction of New Zealand for our honeymoon. We’re now keen to share, inspire, entertain and inform others about our experiences of and in Our World, not just of the well known sights and landmarks but from the unique perspective of a bicycle saddle; glimpsing into the ordinary (and at times extra-ordinary) life of the ‘Places In Between’.

We’re now available for a range of public speaking events such as social evenings, guest speaking, schools or care homes.

The format is entirely flexible but has previously taken the shape of a two hour presentation, aided by some stunning photos and video, split into three sections with time for questions, discussion between each section.

If you’re interested in making a booking, have an idea for an event or would like any further info then you can send us an e-mail using the details in the CONTACT section of this site or contact us through Facebook.

Places in between poster

“Thank you so much for sharing all of your stories last night, I learned a whole lot about central Asia, and how to spell Uzbekistan so I can add it to my bucket list.” – Amanda. Wellington, NZ

“Hey guys – just want to say a massive thanks for your talk tonight. I can see there was a lot of work put in behind the scenes to get that all organised,  and want to acknowledge it takes courage to stand up in a room of people and tell your story – which ye did an awesome job of.” – Chris. Wellington, NZ

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