Numb, dark, drifting. Fighting to breath a fresh air.

The water soaks I’m drowning. I’m clinging to despair.

Can’t you see I need you, sat here quietly bleeding.

Take me in your arms

Stop my hurt from burning

Soothe away my fears

Stop the tears from coming.

Guide me here, hold my soul, trust me, take me, clear my toll.

The world’s a bright and lively place.

Unsheathe my eyes and let me see it.

Open my heart, let me feel it.

Find my soul, let me show it.

It’s folded, dusty, hidden away, I hold the key that locks it.

A falling image, a spotless sky, a ripple from my mind.

Building grows, bricks restored, crumbles more defined.

We’re whole, we’re light, we’re souring.

Gliding upon on a fresh air.

The water soaks we’re floating.

The waves hold no despair.

Nomads Home

Trudge, trudge, wading in the morning, the flies will make their calling.

Shoes drying, coffee boiling, the drone of voices- boring,

Sunlight burning brightly, heat is stifling, roaring.

Crunching mouthfuls, stilted speech,

Tents and bags and cups and trees,

Bottles, voices, roses, fear,

Disjointed calm and nothings clear.

Days and stories, trips and journeys, meetings, greetings, laughter, cheer,

Sitting, dreaming, wishing, waiting, hoping for an ice cold beer.

Drinking cupfuls, engaging speech,

Bread and noodles, stars and treats,

Planning, scheming, making friends

New ideas and shaking hands

Action stations, packing tent, early morning, time is spent.

The joy of leaving, catching a train. One week later, we’re back again.

Trudge, trudge, im wading through the day, the flies are here to stay,

The coffees boiled, the shoes are dried, the drone of voices, dull and tired

The walls are closing, the boredoms aches, time to go, for goodness sake.


With a maddening heart I clatter on home,

A season awakened, a longing to roam.

Those ravenous stars devour me whole,

With bubbling wonder they capture my soul.

A journey entombed, my life only quaking,

The carpet unravels, my toenails are shaking.

I wait for the beat, I’m longer darting,

My mind is uncrumpled, the shimmers are calming.

I look up to the heaven, the sparkling skies,

I launch into my freedom and shed my disguise.

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