Photo Collections

Here’s a selection of our photos that have come to mean something to us so far on the trip.

We’d love to share them with you.

Browse through the collections by clicking on any of the photos.

If you’d like to help us along our way and get a unique mcneilsonwheels memento then press the button below and drop us a message (either in the comments box or find our contact details here) to let us know which image you’d like.

‘Buy us a coffee’ and we’ll pass on our eternal thanks by sending you a printed card of the image with a message from wherever we are in the world. (Don’t forget to let us know your postal address!)
If you’re interested in a full sized print or canvas then drop us an e-mail and we can arrange it.

Riding on a budget, every little helps…



Collection 1 ‘On The Road’

Collection 2 ‘A Sense Of Place’

Collection 3 ‘People’


Collection 4 ‘Nature’

Collection 5 ‘Our World’


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