1. Our Wedding.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”

For us, this day was that step….

What with all of our running around & preparing for the trip in the short weeks after our wedding we never really got the chance to share photos and footage with our friends and family that were there with us on the day.
So here’s a little selection of our favourite pics & the bits that make us smile that we can share with you now.
Unfortunately you can never really capture the whole picture, just what people thought to snap or video at the time when they weren’t too busy dancing!
It brings back truly great memories for us. We hope you enjoy it too & that some don’t find it too embarrassing…

2. A Day in the Life: Europe

5 months of Europe packed into 1 day. Enjoy…

3. Turkey Snapshots

A short one about turkeys… and Turkey…

4. The Road Less Travelled

Attempting to do things with fully loaded touring bikes that really shouldn’t be attempted… Adventurous yearnings in N-W Turkey.

5. Tribe Riding – Georgia

Riding en-masse through Georgia as part of an inter-european cycle touring co-operative, otherwise known as… THE TRIBE…

6. Uzbekistan – People, Places & Everything In-Between

The first of ‘The Stans’. Our road through Uxbekistan is documented through the amazing places and amazing people we encountered throughout this extraordinary and little known about country.

7. The Pamir Highway – Tajikistan

The Pamir Highway is infamous amongst cycle tourists as one of the world’s most spectacular and challenging high altitude routes. Stretching from Dushanbe in Tajikistan through to Osh in Kyrgyzstan, the road takes you through some of the most remote and harsh regions on the planet.
For us it was, in some ways, the pinnacle of the trip so far that had been eagerly and apprehensively anticipated since leaving the UK eight months previously.
It turned out to be more challenging, rewarding and certainly more sociable than either of us could have imagined…

8. Beach Shave – Kyrgyzstan

Pete’s got nothing better to do on a beach on Issk Kol Lake in Kyrgyzstan.

9. The Hard Road – Himalayas

This is the one where everything changed…

10. Old Manali Single-track – North-West India

Pete occupies himself whilst waiting for Alice’s back to mend in Manali.

11. Dal Lake Veg Market – Kashmir

An early morning wake up call from our lovely couch surfing hosts in Srinagar led us to be floating through the old town on their shikara (taxi boat) towards a unique and fascinating market that’s happened on Dal Lake for centuries.

12. 1st Tandem Ride – Kathmandu, Nepal.

In a bid to continue with the trip whilst taking the strain off Alice’s back muscles, we built a big yellow tandem in Kathmandu.
This is our first ride:

13. Pokhara Mountain Bike

In Nepal we took a break from the cycle touring life in order to rest Alice’s back and have a change of scene for a while.
Pete found work in Pokhara, Nepal helping out at ‘Pokhara Mountain Bike’ (nepalmountainbike.com) a locally run business providing guided tours & mountain bike hire for tourists along with support for a growing number of local Nepali Mountain Bikers.
This is a video he made to promote the awesome riding in the Pokhara Valley…
Thanks to Jagan, Sergio, Dhan, Laxman, Laxuman, Shuman & Santaram for being so welcoming!

14. A Quick Ride Around Georgetown, Malaysia

Georgetown is the sort of stop off point that us cycle tourists dream of… A cycle crazy town that has history & culture in heaps almost as high as the amazing and diverse street food;
…a mcneilsonwheels paradise!
See it from our perspective.
  1. Hannah Wroe Gill said:

    I’m going to watch this every time I’m feeling lazy! Big love to you both. You are AWESOME. Hannah WG xx

  2. Slange said:

    You make me want to ride my bike, sleep in the dirt, grow a beard and have a cheese baguette for lunch… Fantastic xx… I will have cheese on toast for lunch and think of you both…

  3. I really don’t want to ride my bike, grow a beard or sleep in the dirt …… but a cheese baguette sounds just the job…
    Hey you two…… how truly inspirational, amazing, you shine …. oops just realised I couldn’t ride my bike anyway… so Andy Derrick (next doorbours) use my bike .. you’ve grown ya beard xx

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