Links to some of the amazing and inspiring people we have met along the way. Have a read for information, route advice, gear selection or just good old inspiration.

Cycle Tourers

Matthieu & Mathilde – French couple riding around the world. They got married in Istanbul whilst on the trip! (Cycling with them filled the world with excitement, amazement and intrigue!)



Ed and Alex – We met these two British lads in northern Greece. They had just finished school and were riding from the UK to Vietnam in their gap year. They had just been battling freezing conditions in Eastern Europe, their bikes were in terrible state, they were living on £2.50 a day between them in Europe and had adopted the ‘bread diet’ (bread and tomato ketchup). But they were out there and doing it. We made them a Thai curry and were inspired by their attitude.


We met Marco and Giovanni at the Turkey/Georgia border. Italians on a world tour.


French cyclist couple we met in Khorag, Tajikistan


Tim Meier from Australia. We did a weeks riding with Tim in the Pamirs, an awesome week. He has been cycling from the UK to Australia at a fair pace! Whereever possible he has cycled, even going though Pakistan. His blog is really interesting and useful. Check it out:

Maria y Zigor, Catalan/Spanish couple who started cycling in Europe, and plan to continue for as long as it feels right.


(Thats Chris Gruar in there too…)

Solo female cyclist Tamara from Switzerland blogs on her various cycle tours.

We met Killian and Jorgi in Khorag, Killian is now back in France – but his adventures remain.

Anna & Guillain from France. Cycled through Europe into Asia and finally finishing in Nepal. Lots of interesting interviews with shepherds around the world.

Chris Gruar from Australia is cycling 30,000km across the world in aid of international cancer research.

Neil from England, met on road he was heading towards Osh.

We met Heidi at the start of her cycle journey around the Black Sea. She is 55 and had taken a year out of work, left her family at home and embarked on this journey solo. Good stuff!

Kat and Alex – Two Aussies, started their trip in Holland on single bikes. In Istanbul they converted to tandem (our inspiration!). Informative blog on anything bicycle/bicycle gear/destination… Check out their vids… The jingle will stay with you forever!


We met JP in Tajikistan, lending him a sprocket… We then managed to catch up again in Kyrgyzstan. His story is on his blog.

Anne and Benjamin are cycling from France through Europe, Central Asia, China and SE Asia finishing in Singapore. We cycled the last section of the Pamir Highway with them, and got to enjoy SO much food afterwards! 🙂


Thom Denton from the UK is cycling 15,000 miles from the UK to Thailand for ‘Demelza Kent’ who run 2 childrens hospices. He rocked up to TES Guesthouse in Osh, in the dark and looking every bit the disheveled Englishman, complete with bicycle polo stick.

Naveen and Robin – we met in Kyrgyzstan just as they were coming to the end of their trip which had taken them through India, South East Asia, China and Kyrgyzstan. They had started the trip with Robin on a longboard and Navine cycling, but after 1,000km had both switched to bike

Hugh & Pauline (our heroes). From Cumbria and great outdoor enthusiasts, both were teachers and now they have retired they spend their time cycling around the world. Another truly inspirational couple.

Somaye and Soha, from Iran. Shortly after leaving, the bank where they had their trip fund folded leaving them penniless. Relying on human generosity and photograph exhibitions they have been cycling the world.

Two Germans we met in Turkey

Two guys we met in Kyrgyzstan, doing free emergency care/first aid courses as they go. They carry all their equipment with them on a trailer!

Overlanders and Motorcyclists

Noah, American motorcyclists we met in the desert in Uzbekistan. He’s ‘gonna ride until the wheels fall off’


Motorcyclist Adam Lewis -He’s been going for over 7 years and has covered a massive 250,00kms and counting.

Griff and Lisa, from the UK – travelled overland in their Defender 90 Land Rover (with a trailer) from the UK, through Europe, Central Asia and into Siberia before heading to Australia to start a new life. They always had a cup of tea at the ready for all the travellers they met along the way. Interesting. informative and inspiring blog.

IMG_0581 IMG_0447

We met Kiwi Jon in Bukhara and did a dance for his documentary on the Great Game. Driving a Landcruiser from Europe, through to China, SE Asia, India and back again this time a more southerly route. Oh, and making a documentary to boot, by himself. Impressive work!


The Simpsons (not their real name!), our French saviours driving us and our bikes across the kryg-kazahk border. They are truly inspirational: A family of 4, Yannick, Muriel and their two sons Victor and Robin, have a fully decked out, bright yellow ex German Military truck and are travelling the world in remote and incredible places. Check out their story!



Chris Stangl – Austrian adventurer we met in Georgia. He was off to climb the last of the 3highest peaks on each continent! Check out his adventures at:


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